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12PM until 6PM

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A Necron Harvester ship has been destroyed by the combined fire of an Imperial Defense Laser and a raiding Chaos force, causing the ship to crash on the Imperial planet Afung-Ame.  As the Necrons prepare to be raided themselves, allies arrive from an unexpected source: the Eldar, desperate to prevent the advanced Necron technology from falling into the hands of the crude races.


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A Necron Scythe-class Harvester ship approached Imperial industrial world Afung-Ame, possibly attempting to make a brief raid on the populous before vanishing as quickly as it came.


Unfortunately for the Necron raiders, repairs had finally been completed on the ancient defense laser "The Divine Light of the Emperor's Might," providing the inhabitants with significant defenses.  Even more unfortunate for the Necrons was the arrival of the traitor Fulgrim's flagship and support craft, also preparing to attack the population.  Trapped between the anvil of Fulgrim's crafts and the hammer of the defense laser, the unthinkable happened; the Necron vessel was shot out of orbit and crashed on the planet below.


As enemy forces assemble to tear into the technological marvels that the wreckage must contain, the Deceiver C'Tan laid his plans out to the Daemon Primarch; All had been predicted and set into motion.   In exchange for the slaughter of the incoming Ork warlord at the hands of the Emperor's Children, Fulgrim would be given free access to Necron psycho-technology, enabling the creation of fully synthetic artificially intelligent minds capable of experiencing untold levels of sensations.  Unexpected but not unwelcome would be a force of the most pure enemy, the Eldar, intent only on preventing the approaching Tau leaders from making away with any of the Necron technology.


Sufficient warning was given to ensure that a sizable Imperial presence attend the battle as well.  Two full Battle Companies and the Ultramarine Chapter Master joined a Reaver Titan Company against the traitor, the machine, and the alien.  The opportunity to acquire Necron tech would not be passed up, by any means, but the Space Marines would keep their minds set on bringing the traitor Fulgrim to justice, keeping a regiment of Ordo Malleus Grey Knights in reserve, just at the maximum range of their teleporters.


All that remained was to see how the Deceiver’s machinations turned out once the day was done.



Contact: Matt (You’ll have to replace the “at” with @ and the “dot” with “.”)


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Check out the Gallery for November of 2006!  Read the captions for more descriptions.


Game Rules:

We will be using the Warhammer 40,000 Apocalypse rules, except when listed below.


Victory Conditions:


The three Necron ship pieces were normal Apocalypse objectives.


Fulgrim was an objective for the defenders while alive and for the attackers if killed.


The Necron Sentinel functioned as a normal Apocalypse objective once destroyed.  It had to be claimed by a side at the end of the game.


Results:  Defenders held the tail section objective.  The Necron Sentinel was dead but held by the defenders.  Fulgrim had been banished to the warp.  Defenders: 2, Attackers: 1.


Minor Victory Conditions:

1.  Necrons:  Hold the Necron Sentinel at the end of the game.  Success.  They also got to make one objective a Vital Objective (chose the upright wing).  Failed.

2.  Chaos:  Kill Ghazghul.  Success, via a Vortex Missile from the Chaos Warlord Titan.

3.  Eldar:  Kill all Tau Ethereals (changed to Crisis Commanders due to the total lack of Ethereals).  Fail, one Crisis Commander lived.

4.  Space Marines:  Kill Fulgrim.  Success, via massed Imperial weapons fire.

5.  Tau:  Kill the Deceiver.  Fail, even after being held in close combat by the Ultramarines for most of the game.

6.  Orks:  Kill Asurmen.  Fail.  He did not show up until late in the game.



1.  We must do whatever possible to get a fourth turn if we are going to allow Strategic Reserves.  This could be accomplished simply through two more hours of game time.

2.  Movement trays were a success!

3.  Timed turns were a success!

4.  Rule Modifications:

a.   It was unclear as to the difference between how Fulgrim and the Sentinel worked regarding their status as objectives.  One was very easy for the Attackers to take (Fulgrim) and the other was very difficult, perhaps too difficult since the Sentinel started the game in Strategic Reserves.

b.  Not allowing certain unit types to inflict Penetrating Hits on Super Heavy Walkers seemed to work out OK.

c.   Should have changed the Bell of Lost Souls data sheet to allow the Reaver’s CCW to work on vehicles and Monstrous Creatures.

d.  The Warp Rift worked fine.  It was always planned that Fulgrim will emerge from the Warp Rift in Turn 3.  I mean, hey, if you’re a daemon you had might as well use it!

e.   None of the new Formations were unbalancing, as far as I know.


Preliminary Forces:

Team 1: Defenders:








Eldar Tempest, Vampire, Void Dragon Phoenix




The Deceiver, Monolith of Renewal












Necron Sentinel




Warp Rift, Sonic Cacaphony, Warlord Titan, Reaver Titan, Warhound Titan, Antiquated Baneblade






Team 2: Attackers:






Space Marines


Reaver Titans, Ultramarine Characters


Space Marines


Artemis AA Tank


Space Marines




Space Marines






Kroot Mercs, Armored Intradiction Cadre (Hammerheads)








Shock Attack Battery, Ork Characters




Defense Laser






Army Restrictions:

1.  Every model must be assembled and painted at least three colors.  Necrons can count the colored plastic rod as one of those three colors.

2.  Every unit must be a legal unit.  A single Space Marine with a Lascannon is not a legal unit!

3.  Your army must come from a single ‘force.’  No outside or non-traditional allies.  ‘Imperium’ is a valid force.  ‘Chaos and Eldar’ is not.

4.  You may not bring more than 3,000 points of non-vehicle models unless you bring enough movement trays to cover all of the infantry in your force.

5.  You will need to report how many points you are going to bring, to the nearest 500 points, to Matt by January 19, 2008.  You will also need to report all Special Characters planned on being taken.

6.  Any new Legendary Formations must be submitted to Matt by January 19, 2008.  Preferred format is a Word document.  New vehicles and other units require pictures.  New Formations using existing models do not need pictures.  All new Legendary Formations will be posted to this web site below.

7.  If you do not meet the above requirements, you will not be guaranteed a spot.

Scenario Details:

1.  The scenario will be Eldar & Necrons vs. everyone else.  If the army balance dictates that another force join these two, the organizer will announce this before the start of the battle.

2.  Every player gets at least one Strategic Asset or Special unit.  The Jammers strategic asset is disallowed for this scenario.

3.  Only one of each Special Character will be taken.

4.  The Necron Phase-Out rule is suspended.  Scenario special rules will take precedence.

5.  We will be playing a variation on the Apocalypse Mission.  Terrain will be set up and objectives pre-placed.  Deployment will be dictated by the organizer.

6.  Deployment:

a.   Both sides will deploy simultaneously.

b.  You must attempt to deploy as many units as possible.  The exception being units with special deployment rules, of course.  This is a friendly game, so the strategy of holding everyone in reserve will be frowned upon.

7.   Living Objectives:

a.   There are two units in the battle that are considered to be Living Objectives; they are so important to the outcome of the battle that they must be addressed by the enemy:  Daemon-Fulgrim and the Necron Sentinel.

b.  Both of these units count as an objective while alive.

c.   Fulgrim counts as an objective for the Attackers if killed or forced to leave the battle.

d.  The Necron Sentinel may be claimed by either side if deactivated.  Note that it can potentially reactivate itself.

Apocalypse Modifications:

1.  Only usable units are those from:

a.   Any basic Warhammer 40,000 codex

b.  Warhammer 40,000: Apocalypse

c.   Imperial Armour Apocalypse

                                                           i.      IAA FAQ (PDF file)

                                                        ii.      Any model with a weapon that exists in both the main Apocalypse book and in IAA will use the weapon from the main Apocalypse book.  Examples: Volcano Cannon, Vulcan Mega Bolter, etc.

d.  The Games Workshop Apocalypse web page

e.   This web page.  Any others may be submitted individually (such as individual Bell of Lost Souls data sheets).

2.  Note above army composition restrictions.

3.  Super Heavies:

a.   Infantry, Beasts & Cavalry, Artillery, and Bikes are unable to inflict anything worse than a Glancing Hit to a Super Heavy Walker in close combat.  Note that this excludes Vehicles, Monstrous Creatures, Jump Infantry, and Jetbikes.

b.  Any weapon or ability that causes an “auto-shaken” result instead results in a single “Gun Crew Shaken” result.

4.  Any ability that has ‘unlimited’ range in a standard Warhammer 40,000 game has a range of 96”.  Abilities that have unlimited range in Apocalypse battles retain their unlimited range.

5.  Strategic Assets:

a.   Every player gets at least one Strategic Asset or Special unit.

b.  Any Strategic Assets granted by a special unit or formation may only be used by models in that formation and while that formation has not been destroyed.

c.   Strategic Assets requiring a marker must be sufficiently modeled.

d.  The Jammers Strategic Asset is disallowed for this scenario.  Due to deployment restrictions it will not be practical to enforce.

Movement Trays:

The purpose of movement trays is to make the use of large quantities of infantry faster and more efficient.

1.  Infantry movement trays will be treated as a single model for movement purposes.

2.  Shooting will be measured from each individual model, as if they were all different guns on a large vehicle.  If it is reasonable to assume that a model would have range or LOS to a target if that model was allowed to move freely in the space occupied by the tray, then they will be allowed to have range or LOS.

3.  If half of the movement tray is in cover, then the entire tray benefits from cover.

4.  Once one model in a tray is Engaged in assault, the entire tray is Engaged.

5.  Units assaulted by units in a tray may Counter Assault as per the Universal Special Rule.

6.  Casualties can be removed from anywhere on the tray, but effort should be taken to keep the unit as densely-packed as possible.  2” coherency still applies.

7.  Any model may change places with any other model on the tray at the start of a movement phase without counting as moving.

New Legendary Formations:

1.  Chaos:

a.   Warp Rift using the daemon types from the old Codex: Chaos Space Marines (i.e. Daemonettes, Keeper of Secrets, etc.).  These legacy daemon types may only use a Warp Rift.  They may not be summoned via Icons carried by Chaos Space Marines.  The Warp Rift must be sufficiently modeled!  Only the daemons from one god may enter from a single Warp Rift.

a.   Sonic Cacophony (Noise Marine Havocs and Terminators)

b.  Fulgrim, Daemon Primarch of the Emperor’s Children

2.  Eldar:

a.   Vampire Raider: Allow single Pulsar plus twin-linked Pulse Lasers (as per all rules previous to IAA) for +100 points.

b.  Wraithgate Strike

c.   Bonesinger

d.  Tempest Grav Tank (Very old Armorcast tank, less structure than Scorpion, main gun uses smaller template, point-defense Shuriken Catapults)

3.  Space Marine:

a.   Artemis AA Defense (Rhino-type tank with AA turret and no transport)

b.  Battle Company: The Careful Planning Strategic Asset may benefit other Space Marine units from the same chapter controlled by the same player (i.e. Dreadnoughts, Land Raiders, Thunderhawk Gunships, etc.).

4.  Necron:

a.   Monolith of Renewal (Monolith with Resurrection Orb/Tomb Spider type abilities)

b.  Sentinel

5.  Titan Legions/Imperial

a.   Reaver Titan (from Bell of Lost Souls)

b.  Antiquated Baneblade (Very old Armorcast Baneblade, less structure, main gun uses smaller template, three Storm Bolters replace twin-linked Heavy Bolters in sponsons)

6.  Orks

a.   Shock Attack Battery


1.  Army tracking sheet.  This convenient sheet will help a player keep track of the large number of units that may be on the battlefield.

a.   PDF

b.  Word Document



1/08/2008: Initial Revision

1/14/2008: Added Artemis, Monolith of Renewal, Necron Sentinel

1/17/2008: Modified SM: Battle Company, added Eldar Tempest, Reaver Titan

1/22/2008: Added Ork Shock Attack Battery.  Clarified that Necrons may count the plastic rod as one of their three colors.  Added Preliminary Forces and some Deployment notes.  Changed to remove free Strategic Asset from players that are bringing Special units.

1/24/2008:  Added Antiquated Baneblade.  Added unit summaries to some of the new Formations.

2/04/2008:  Conclusions, initial Gallery