Wars of the Ancients

Supplemental Material


By Matt Plonski


Random Hyperspace Terrain


Appeared in a Showdowns product, but very useful in First One battles, especially when using the advanced Hyperspace rules.


First One Combat Sequence


Handy when playing with First Ones.


The Walkers of Sigma 957


The Wanderer


Unique Ship (Special Deployment Rules)

Visions of the Wanderer” is a remarkable vessel even amongst other Walker ships.  No other vessel has gone as far, had contact with as many alien races, or collected as much data on strange spatial phenomena.  The crew of the Wanderer were amongst the first Walkers to evolve into beings of pure energy, and it was due to their experiences that the evolutionary leap wasn’t as costly as it is for most races.  (In the process of evolving from one state of existence to another, most races lose upwards of 99% as not being able to make the leap.  The Walker’s evolution, thanks to the records and statistics provided by the Wanderer, resulted with a casualty rate of less than 15%.)


The Wanderer is the vessel most likely to be seen in the Babylon 5 Wars current time line, as it has been back and forth Beyond the Rim several times.  The ship was away during the battle of Coriana VI, and the crew were known to go against the advice of the Transcendental Beings from time to time.  The Triad Aspect of Chaos once picked the commander of the Wanderer as an especially interesting subject for ‘study’, resulting in the only known defeat of an actual Tri, not its constructs, in battle.  Suffice to say that if the Wanderer can find a reason to return to normal space, it will.

Special Rules: Weapon Systems

The commander of the Wanderer is extremely suspicious of any unknown situation.  Although still confident that the ship’s technical superiority will prevail in the end, the ship’s crew is often directed to power systems in their offensive modes as a precaution.  Therefore the weapons on the Wanderer may begin every scenario fully charged unless specified otherwise.

Special Rules: Elite Crew

The Wanderer’s crew has seen everything and been everywhere.  They have traveled to and from Thirdspace several times, and faced enemies far more powerful.  The vessel has the ship enhancement ‘Elite Crew’.  All bonuses are included in the ship control sheet where possible.  The Wanderer may not take any other enhancements.

Special Rules: Deployment

The Wanderer may be taken in Primordial or Ancient time frames without any changes.  A Walker player may take the Wanderer in a battle as the only vessel (there is nothing else) or if there are at least five additional Traveler-class vessels present.  The Wanderer rarely joins other Walker ships, and is usually encountered on its own.  In the occasions where the Wanderer did fight in a war, the fleets deployed were truly enormous.


The Triad


Lesser Triumviron


Unlimited Deployment: Unified Triad Only

Special Rules: Shell Game

The Triad have been known to generate multiple instances of the Lesser Triumviron at the same time to confuse their opponents.  As such, all enemy vessels are unable to determine the difference between the one, true Triumviron and the imposters.  When deploying at the beginning of the game, it is never necessary to differentiate between both types of Triumviron or to let your opponent know which is which (i.e. use the same type of counter or miniature).  It is assumed that it is noted on the control sheet, however, as it will most likely become apparent throughout the game.


The Torvalus

Alpha Shading Field

An early development towards the Torvalus goals of stealth and secrecy, this low power version of the Shading Field was found in their smaller ships as well as some older models of the Dark Knife.

This differs from the normal Shading Field in the following ways:


Black Dagger


Base Hull                      (Restricted Deployment: 33%)

The Black Dagger was the main Torvalus ship of the line during the times of expansion.  Considerably more offensively oriented than the Dark Knife, the Black Dagger was developed initially to neutralize minor threats in a stealth and reconnaissance role.




Base Hull                      (Unlimited Deployment)

The Falchion is the Torvalus transport ship.  It is designed to be all but invisible, and succeeds rather well at that task.  Best reserved for situations where conflict is undesirable, the Falchion is ideal for espionage or other clandestine operations.


The Kirishiac




Base Hull:                     (Unlimited Deployment)


The Kirishiac Citadel is the smaller of the Kirishiac remote bases, but still the most common.  Often several of these will be stationed in the same sector to serve as a foothold during a difficult campaign.


Note:  This station pushes the limits of an SCS.  We suggest that you set Acrobat to shrink the page to fit, and then print on a high quality setting.  A new format, suitable for the other First One bases, was being developed but never completed.


Mastership ELINT


Special Rule:  Variant

This vessel is a Kirishiac Mastership modified with the ELINT Sensor Pod upgrade found in Wars of the Ancients.  It is presented here for convenience.


Ship Record Sheets


Back in the old version of Babylon 5 Wars, each ship was given a Ship Record Sheet.  We found this a very convenient way of tracking a battle.  Included here are several Ship Record Sheets for vessels from Wars of the Ancients and other products.