War-gaming so big it will block out the sun!


The game is over!

Gallery:  There are over 400 pictures!  (They are chronologically arranged, but the time starts over again about half way through.  Internal clocks on some of the cameras were a day off.)

Video:  Randall got four nice videos.  Video 1, Video 2, Video 3, Video 4



There were five standard objectives plus the Daemon Weapon and Fulgrim’s Trophy Kill rule (his corpse became an objective).  We tallied the objectives every turn.

Totals:  Chaos: 12, Imperial: 10

Chaos Victory!


Imperial Army:






White Swords


Battle Company, Artemis AA Tank, Haven Command Rhino, The White Sword


Silver Skulls


Thunderhawk Gunship, Battle Company

Steve S

Imperial Guard


ATTSUL 1-3, Techpriest Chimera, (counts as) Colonel Schaffer, (counts as) Kayven Shrike, Emperor’s Hammer, Emperor’s Fury

Jonnie S

Tau Empire


Farsight, Kroot Mercenaries, Rapid Redeployment, Armored Interdiction Cadre

Kevin R



2x Spirithosts, Warlock Titan, Phantom Titan

Jerry W

Black Templars


2x Baneblade, Shadowsword, 3x Warhounds

Robert A



3x Reaver Titan, Armored Spearhead, Masters of the Chapter, Calgar, Tigurius







Chaos Army:





Matt P



Fulgrim, Lucius, The Masque, Emperor's Children Warband, Pleasurelord Titan, Reaver Titan, Warhound Titan, Antiquated Baneblade

Matt J



Abaddon (Lords of the Black Crusade), Doombringer Annihilation Force, Deathknell Strike Force, Armored Spearhead, Reaver Titan

Mike T




Scott J



Mortarion, Typhus, Linebreaker, Doombringer Annihilation Force








Personal Victory Conditions:  Ultramarines

There are some that believe it may be possible to synthesize an antidote to the poison he used to wound Roboute Guilliman if the Ultramarines can get a hold of one of Fulgrim’s swords.


You must “capture” the Daemon Primarch Fulgrim. 


Fulgrim is a “Trophy Kill,” which means that his corpse counts as an objective.  If this objective is claimed by the Ultramarines, you win your personal victory condition.


Note that Fulgrim has the Sustained Assault special rule while the Warp Maw is functioning.


Result:  Fulgrim was killed, but claimed by the opposite side.  Failure!


Personal Victory Conditions:  White Swords Space Marine Chapter

At the destruction of something unholy, the spirits of those sacrificed to feed the thing are often released.  Be there to guide them to their final rest.


Free the spirits trapped in the Warp Maw.


Have a White Swords Space Marine or Ordo Malleus model (non-vehicle) within 3” of the Warp Maw when it is destroyed.


Result:  Grey Knights present when the Warp Maw was destroyed.  Success!


Personal Victory Conditions: Silver Skulls/Black Templar Space Marine Chapters

Remain pure!  Slaughter the Nurgle Tallymaster before he can report back to the Plague Father.


Kill Epidemius (Nurgle Daemonic Herald Special Character) early and often.


If the Nurgle Tally spends more time at any level other than the maximum level, you gain a personal victory.


Note Epidemius has the Sustained Assault special rule while the Warp Maw is functioning.


Result:  Epidemius’ Tally was only at the maximum level for one turn.  Success!



Personal Victory Conditions: Tau Empire

We need this matter-displacement technology for the Greater Good!


Claim teleporter pads.


If the Tau Empire claims at least two teleporter pads for two or more turns (or at the end of the game), you will achieve a personal victory.  You can claim a teleporter pad by having a model within 3” and no enemy models within 3”.


Result:  No pads claimed by the Tau..  Failure!


Personal Victory Condition: Eldar

Reclaim what was ours!


Destroy the Daemon Weapon.


If someone is able to perform the Ritual of Purification on the Daemon Weapon (see the Daemon Weapon’s rules for more details), you achieve a personal victory.


Result:  The bearer of the daemon weapon was killed, and the objectives claimed by Ordo Malleus, but the weapon was not destroyed.  Failure!



Personal Victory Condition: Imperial Guard

Eons ago, the builders of the castle incorporated the bones of your ancestors in the mortar and decorated the walls with your skulls.  The greatest affront is the still-tortured spirit of a revered ancient, clinging to one of the smaller battlements, a witness to all of the evil of the place and begging for release.


Destroy the small tower in the fortress.


If the small tower in the fortress is “Destroyed,” you achieve a personal victory.


Result:  The small tower was destroyed.  Success!


Personal Victory Condition: Chaos Glory

They bring their own relics to this battle?  Shove it down their throats such that they choke on the taste of it!


Destroy “The White Sword.”


If the model carrying The White Sword is slain in close combat, you achieve a personal victory.

Result:  Slaaneshi daemons killed the bearer of the White Sword.  Success!


Personal Victory Condition: Nurgle (1)

Let us see how their bodies fail!


Experiment on the Tau.


If Nurgle units kill at least half of the Tau HQ units in close combat or via a Nurgle-specific ranged attack*, you achieve a personal victory.


Kroot, Vespid, or other aligned races count as one “unit” per race.  For example, if there are three Crisis Commanders (including Farsight), two Ethereal, five units of Kroot, and a unit of Vespid there are a total of seven experiments to record (3 Crisis, 2 Ethereal, 1 Kroot, 1 Vespid).


*Nurgle-specific ranged attacks would include Nurgle’s Rot, Plaguestorm (Strategic Asset), Plague Wind (Mortarion), Pus Cannons, Plague Mortar, Explosion of Filth, or other Gifts of Nurgle.


Result:  Approximately half of the Tau HQ were killed.  Failure!


Personal Victory Condition: Nurgle (2)

The master requests more plague engines!


Claim ruined super heavy vehicles for Papa Nurgle.


When a non-Nurgle super heavy vehicle is “Wrecked” (Super Heavy Catastrophic Damage Table 1-3 result) and there is at least one Nurgle model within 24”, roll a D6.  On a 6+, the vehicle is consumed by Nurgle.  On a 10, the vehicle suffers an Explosion of Filth.  Add +1 to the die roll for every 6” closer a Nurgle model is.



18” – 24”


12” – 18”


6” – 12”


1” – 6”


Base Contact



If Nurgle can claim 3 or more Super Heavy vehicles in this manner, you achieve a personal victory.


Note that this applies to friendly Super Heavies as well!


Result:  Two super heavies (Reaver Titans) were claimed by Nurgle.  Close!.  Failure!


Personal Victory Condition: Slaanesh

The warriors are an orchestra delicately conducted.  The battle is a symphony, and every symphony needs a crescendo!


Destroy Super Heavy Vehicles.


If three Super Heavy Vehicles, including friendlies, suffer an “Apocalyptic Explosion,” you achieve a personal victory.  Extremely discordant “Explosions of Filth” lower the current total by 1.


Result:  Only one super heavy suffered an Apocalyptic Explosion.  Failure!


Battle Rule Modifications

Updated: 1/09/2009

Outer Walls




Removed by any “Destroyed” result

Take a full 6” Difficult Terrain move to scale from the front.

Can be moved up freely from the back (assume ladders).

Impassible for non-Skimmer vehicles




Removed by any “Destroyed” result

Cannot be scaled from the outside




Removed by any “Destroyed” result

Can only be opened from the inside


Teleporter Pads

o            A unit can move onto a teleporter pad in its movement phase.
o            If your team 'owns' (i.e. as an objective) at least one additional pad, you can deploy on the second pad, shoot, and assault as normal.
o            You cannot move onto a pad that the enemy owns, but you can onto one that is contested or owned by neither.
o            If you want to move to a pad that you don't own, roll a D6:
Success, but you can’t shoot or assault
Stay on current pad
Go into Reserves
o            If your models cannot be deployed on the target pad, you can choose to lose models or go into Reserves.


Formerly-legal Models and Units:  A lot of the recent codices have made some models or units illegal.  Since this is Apocalypse, you shouldn’t be required to take apart one of your favorite models just because a new book came out and the wording changed.  (I’m looking at you, Codex: Chaos Space Marines!)  If you have any models or units that fall into that situation, let us know and we’ll list them here.  I’m sure that there are a lot of units that changed in Codex: Space Marines, but I’m not an expert in that army.

1.    Chaos Space Marine Lords/Sorcerers, Chaos Space Marine Champions, or Space Marine Sergeants with more than one special close combat weapon (A power fist and a power weapon, for example) or weapons that are different than are currently allowed.  Pay the points required for each upgrade.  (This essentially gives Chaos Sorcerers and Champions access to the Chaos Lord’s weapon options.)

2.    A Thousand Sons Aspiring Sorcerer may replace his equipment as if he was a Chaos Space Marine Aspiring Champion (from the Troop squad).

3.    Chaos Space Marine Terminator Heavy Weapons were previously one per three models, and are now one per five.  Allow them at one per three.  Loyal Terminators may have two Heavy Weapons regardless of squad size.

4.    A Chaos Space Marine Daemon Prince may take a Daemon Weapon for 25 points (marked appropriately).

5.    Space Marine Vanguard Veterans may take assault weapons as per Sternguard Veterans.

6.    Space Marine Assault Squads may take two Melta Guns for +5 points each & any model may take Melta Bombs for +5 points.

7.    Space Marine Command Squads may be 5 – 10 models.  Additional veterans may be purchased at 25 points each.


Apocalypse Clarifications:

1.    Any unit can claim or contest an objective unless fleeing or specifically stated that it cannot (i.e. Death Cult Assassins, etc.).

2.    AP1 weapons get a +1 on the Super Heavy Damage Table.  AP- weapons get a -1 on the Super Heavy Damage Table.  This is cumulative with other bonuses.

3.    In 40k5, a vehicle hit by a scattered blast template is hit from the direction of the center hole.  For the purposes of the Apocalypse Barrage Template, the ‘center hole’ shall be the number in the center of the appropriate sub-template.

4.    You may have multiples of any Strategic Asset that you pay points for.  Basically, if you have two formations that each come with an Orbital Bombardment, for example, then you can have two Orbital Bombardments.  Since having a formation will stop you from getting a ‘free’ Strategic Asset, you will only have assets you pay points for.



1.    Your army should be of one “force”.  The forces available will be Imperial (Imperial Guard, Space Marines, Inquisition, Titan Legions), Chaos (Chaos Daemons, Chaos Space Marines, Traitor IG, Traitor Space Marines, Titan Legions), Eldar, Tau, Necrons, Tyranids, Dark Eldar, and Orks.

a.     “Traitor” Space Marines will be any units on the Chaos side that come from Codex: Space Marines.  Of course, if you’ve got too many loyalist Marines in your army, you should be playing on the Imperial side.

2.    You will need to come up with a rough point total for your force at least one week before the game starts, within +/- 500 points.

3.    Everything must be WYSIWYG and painted to a table-top standard.  We’re letting you take whatever you want, but we need some way of being able to identify what you’ve brought!

4.    You can bring any Legendary Formation, Apocalypse unit (Baneblade, titan, etc.), or Special Character that you’d want, but you have to announce it to the group before hand.  We don’t want two Abaddons on the table!  (If you are using a Special Character’s rules, but not the model, paint scheme, or name, then there can be more than one.)

5.    If you bring a Legendary Formation, Apocalypse unit, or Special Character you do not get the one “free” Strategic Asset.  This is to allow people without “special” units to do fun things as well.

6.    Datasheet sources:  Anything higher on the list supersedes anything lower.

a.     This web page

b.     Any that you submit for your own units/models

c.     Warhammer 40,000: Apocalypse expansion

d.     Apocalypse Reload

e.     GW Apocalypse Web Page

f.      Imperial Armour: Apocalypse, it’s FAQ, and the update to IA:2.  We’ll use the Forge World Reaver Titan rules at 1500 points, but only if equipped with WYSIWYG weapons.

g.     Bell of Lost Souls’ Lords of Battle.  This will be the place to get the Reaver Titan rules for standard Armorcast models.

7.    There will be restricted Strategic Assets, but that will be decided as the scenario is finalized.


Special Characters:  Any unit marked as “rules only” is not using the official model or name and does not claim that unit as exclusive.

Special Character





Scott J



Scott J



Matt J



Mike T



Matt P



Matt P

The Last Chancers (rules only)


Steve S


Chaos Daemon Summoning:

1.           This is Apocalypse.  You are encouraged to bring units from both Codex: Chaos Space Marines and Codex: Chaos Daemons, especially if you are sticking with a singular Chaos Power.
2.           Units from Codex: Chaos Daemons may enter the game via Deep Strike as normal.  Alternately, they may enter from a Warp Rift or appropriately-marked Icon (including those carried by units of daemons).  An Icon of Chaos Glory can summon any daemons from the player's own army or Undivided daemons from an ally's army.  If the daemons deploy off of an Icon or Warp Rift they may run/shoot and assault in the turn in which they arrive.
Deep Strikes:  In order to avoid a player’s models being scattered all over the table, some Deep Strike mechanics have been changed.
1.           Deep Strike Mishap Table is changed to the following:
Die Roll
Terrible Accident! (Destroyed)
Delayed 1 turn
Delayed 2 turns
2.           Deep Striking Formations:  Any force that arrives as one ‘unit’ but Deep Strikes separately will not scatter off of the main unit.  If any of the units Mishap, they all do.


Timed Turns:

1.    Each phase will be timed.  We’ll start with 45 minute phases, and will adjust as the game goes on.


Damaging a Super Heavy:

1.    Infantry, Beasts & Cavalry, Artillery, and Bikes are unable to inflict anything worse than a Glancing Hit to a Super Heavy Walker in close combat.  Note that this excludes Vehicles, Monstrous Creatures, Jump Infantry, and Jetbikes.

2.    Any weapon or ability that causes an “auto-shaken” result instead results in a single “Gun Crew Shaken” result.



1.    Any ability that has ‘unlimited’ range in a standard Warhammer 40,000 game has a range of 96”.  Abilities that have unlimited range in Apocalypse battles retain their unlimited range


Movement Trays:

The purpose of movement trays is to make the use of large quantities of infantry faster and more efficient.

1.    Infantry movement trays will be treated as a single model for movement purposes.

2.    Shooting will be measured from each individual model, as if they were all different guns on a large vehicle.  If it is reasonable to assume that a model would have range or LOS to a target if that model was allowed to move freely in the space occupied by the tray, then they will be allowed to have range or LOS.

3.    If half of the movement tray is in cover, then the entire tray benefits from cover.

4.    Once one model in a tray is Engaged in assault, the entire tray is Engaged as per 40k5.

5.    Casualties can be removed from anywhere on the tray, but effort should be taken to keep the unit as densely-packed as possible.  2” coherency still applies.

6.    Any model may change places with any other model on the tray at the start of a movement phase without counting as moving.



1.    Army tracking sheet.  This convenient sheet will help a player keep track of the large number of units that may be on the battlefield.

a.     PDF

b.     Word Document


Space Marines:

1.    Battle Company: The Careful Planning Strategic Asset may benefit other Space Marine units from the same chapter controlled by the same player (i.e. Dreadnoughts, Land Raiders, Thunderhawk Gunships, etc.).